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Hi gentlemen my name is Tessa. I am one of the best escorts in Las Vegas for a wide variety of reasons. One of them is the fact that I am so friendly and I also have a wonderful personality. The other reasons are I am also educated, well spoken, and I have sophistication in class on a whole new level compared to the other escorts in Las Vegas. When you are going to go on a date with me you can expect nothing but the best and you will be treated like a king. Those are one of the main reasons why going on a date with me is going to be such a nice experience. I am going to make you happy and you will be very pleasantly surprised with all of the experiences that we are going to enjoy together. But first you have to call 702-506-0549.

The great thing about Las Vegas is the fact that there are so many different things to do. When you are thinking about a date with me, you might be stuck on a few different things to do or you may not have any direction. That is okay because I always have suggestions and I can generally piece together a nice date that involves lots of fun, relaxation, and of course lots of pleasure. We are able to do a wide variety of different things, because Las Vegas has so many different things to offer. Las Vegas escorts are all amazing women that know exactly what to do when it comes for activity and making sure that their date is well taken care of. I am able to do that and then some. I always like to hear what you like to do, so that I am able to make suggestions for things that might be right up your alley. For instance, if you are adventurous and you like to be outdoors, then I may suggest that we just go on something simple like a hike. It’s a great way to get some air and it also can be very refreshing to be outside and just enjoy nature.

Or, if you are someone that has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to go have some fun, then I may suggest that we go out and party at a strip club or a nightclub. I used to work in a strip club, so that type of environment is totally fine with me. We can always go check out some of the best strip clubs in Las Vegas and go from there. The nightclubs in Las Vegas are also really fun and exciting, so if that is the type of place you would like to go as well, then we can both enjoy them together. There is nothing wrong with going from a strip club to a nightclub all in one night, just as long as you are happy with everything that is going on. Las Vegas escorts are very accommodating, but I like to make sure that what we are doing is something that you have been looking forward to as well. Just make sure you let me know if you are having fun or not, so if there is something that needs to be adjusted, then I can make sure it is handled and that we are able to proceed and have even more fun throughout the night.

tessa 1For anyone that is looking for something low key such as doing something simple as walking around in your hotel or maybe even catching a bite to eat, that can be our date as well. For some people it is just nice and refreshing to have companionship that does not need to have all of the extra people and activities around us. A majority of the hotels in Las Vegas always have plenty of restaurants to dine in and there of course is plenty of people watching. I am able to wear a nice pair of jeans and a nice shirt, just so I fit in with the rest of the crowd and look like everyone else. We can take our time and walk around and enjoy each other and we can have some nice conversation. From there we can always find a restaurant that sounds appealing and enjoy a meal together. It’s a great way to really relax and not have any expectations for a specific type of date.

Romance can be on the brain, because it is always on my brain. I can take a date and make it extremely erotic and romantic if that is something that you are seeking. I just happened on a huge lingerie collection, so if I ask you what color you like, more than likely I am picking out the lingerie set in that color just for you. I have amazing moves in the striptease department, so I can give you would dance that will have you completely turned on by the time I am done. If you’re a good boy I might even give you a naughty lap dance just to see your face when I am done. I also know how to give amazing sensual massages, so as you can see a romantic date with me is going to get very hot and erotic. These types of dates have always been my favorites and I love to explore my sensuality as well as yours too.

Our time spent together is going to be extremely nice and very relaxing. I think you are going to be very happy with our date and know that you are in excellent hands with me. As one of the best Las Vegas escorts I take great pride in always making sure that anything I do is done well and thorough. You will be able to appreciate that once we are together spending time with each other. I want you to be very happy and I want you to know that choosing me as the escort of your choice is going to be the right decision to make. I can’t wait to meet you and I hope that you are just as excited as I am to spend time together and planning out our future date filled with lots of excitement.